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Position: Translator (French -> English)/Scanner.
Country: France.

Hi I'm Anne, I've been in and out of the CLAMP fandom since years, just trust me to remember some ridiculous detail like where Subaru went to school ^_^ but not knowing his birthday.

Manga love
: Tokyo Babylon and CLOVER.
Character love: Ran and Sakurazuka family.

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Chibi Yuuto

Position: Editor/Webmaster.
Country: Brazil.

Hi I'm Chibi Yuuto, I've been in the CLAMP fandom for 4 years and since then I've been devoting my live to those chicks XD. I really like to edit, even more if it's a CLAMP manga, so I'm very happy with this project ^_^

Manga love
: X.
Character love: Don't ask me that XD.

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Position: Translator (Japanese -> English).
Country: United States.

Hi! I'm Jamie. I've adored CLAMP for far, far too long, but I've never really gotten involved in the fandom until recently, when I started doing translations for Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. It's always so exciting to see the start of a new series and I'm super glad to be a part of this project. :)

Manga love:
Tokyo Babylon/X.
Character love:
Seishirou Sakurazuka

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